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Masters Level Programs

McCormick Masters Degrees

At a Glance

Financial Information

Financial information for the Masters level studies program

Masters Admission Requirements

McCormick Theological Seminary welcomes applications from qualified persons for admission to its masters level programs.  McCormick Theological Seminary does not prescribe a specific pre-...

Fellowships and Awards

Check out the 2015 Fellowships and Awards at a Glance. Get your questions answered with the 2015 Fellowships and Awards Q&A.  Apply now! Here's the 2015 Fellowships and Awards Application....

Courses and Credit

Information on earning credit at McCormick, how our courses work, and our academic policies.

Masters Degrees Offered

McCormick Theological Seminary offers the following masters level programs:

Masters Level Course Listings

The course descriptions listed in this section include courses scheduled for the current and future academic year.  Supplementing the courses offered by McCormick are the many courses in each...

Certificate in Theological Studies

The certificate program prepares persons to serve the Church as lay leaders or enables students to correlate theological study with university studies, leading to a graduate degree in another field....

Academic Calendar

Schedule of dates significant to Degree Programs

Student Health Insurance Information

Information for masters students on required health insurance.

Student Health Insurance Information

All masters programs students who are enrolled at McCormick Theological Seminary are required to complete a healthcare waiver of liability form.