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Admission Requirements

At a Glance

Provisional Admission to McCormick

If a prospective student does not hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education and there are compelling reasons to consider the applicant for...

Special Students

Students who are not seeking a degree or are uncertain which degree or certificate to pursue, may be admitted as special students. Special students are allowed to take a limited number of courses...

Transfer Students

  Students seeking to transfer from another theological seminary are required to present a statement of good standing from all seminaries attended prior to applying to McCormick along with the...

Pre-Theological Study

The Seminary does not prescribe a specific pre-theological course. It is expected that previous education and experience have prepared the applicant in oral and written communication skills, to think...

Background Checks

Seminaries seek to be communities where students, faculty, and staff live within a covenant of hospitality, trust, and safety. These covenantal commitments are foundational to the mission of...