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In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Eunice Blanchard Poethig admin 03-27-2018
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McCormick mourns the passing of Rev. Eunice Poethig who returned to God on May 25, 2018. She graduated in the class of 1975 and is survived by her husband, Rev. Richard “Dick” Poethig, a former faculty member.

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McCormick’s Student Financial Planning Office exists to assist all students in the financial planning of their seminary education. Students of all denominations are served by the office. The first step in financial planning for your seminary education is to determine educational and living costs for you and your family. The following budgets serve as estimates of expenses for nine months for full-time masters level students entering in the fall of the 2010-2011 academic year.

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Refunds When Dropping a Course

Students are entitled to refunds upon dropping a course subject to the following schedule:

Fall and spring semesters
By the end of the:
- Second week (until 4 p.m.) 100%
- Fifth week (until 4 p.m.) 33%
After the fifth week of the semester, no refund will be made except in the case of serious illness. A written doctor’s statement will be required in such a case.

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The 2015-2016 tuition for entering students at the masters or certificate level of study at McCormick is $1,065.00 per course. (Subject to change annually)


The 2015-2016 fees are listed below. Other fees are assessed for particular reasons, such as late registration or for course materials.

Financial information for the Masters level studies program

Payment Policies and Procedures

It is McCormick Theological Seminary’s policy that all tuition charges are due and payable at the time a student registers for courses. No student may register for a course until all previous charges due to the Seminary are paid in full.

Students have up to 30 days to pay tuition charges and fees without penalty. After the 30-day grace period, a service fee of 1 percent per month on the outstanding balance will be charged.