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In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Eunice Blanchard Poethig admin 03-27-2018
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McCormick mourns the passing of Rev. Eunice Poethig who returned to God on May 25, 2018. She graduated in the class of 1975 and is survived by her husband, Rev. Richard “Dick” Poethig, a former faculty member.

How to write your required Vocational Vision Statement and Resume as required for Field Studies.
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Vocational Vision Statement

This statement will accompany the resume and provide potential supervisors and lay ministry support teams an idea of who the person is behind your resume data, what you hope to experience in your field placement, and what you think you might do after you receive your Master’s Degree. In a one-page single-spaced document, please address the following three areas using the questions as a guide.

Who you are……

Application, list of Field Sites, Guidelines, Checklist and Frequently Asked Questions.
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Visit the links below to learn about potential field sites, as well as how to prepare for, apply for Field Studies, and complete the required vocational vision statement and resume.

Be sure to contact Rev. Dr. Joanne Lindstrom (773-947-6335), Jean & Frank Mohr Director of Field Studies and Experiential Education, or Rev. David Watkins (773-947-6314), Associate Director of Field Studies and Experiential Education, for more information on potential Field Sites. They will help you find the perfect match!

Steps for preparation for Field Studies placement, to be completed by students in the academic year prior to Field Site placement.
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  • Complete 9 courses/units; If you have more than one incomplete, failure or are on academic probation, you are not eligible to begin the field studies placement process.
  • Attend Boundaries Workshop prior to the beginning of the field studies program.
  • Attend Field Studies Informational Meeting to be held in November (dates to be announced).
  • Consult the Committee on P
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Field Studies program.
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Is field studies required?
One academic year of field studies done in conjunction with classes M404/405 Reflection on the Practice of Ministry is required of all Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Ministry students.

When is field studies done?
Students ordinarily participate in Field Studies during their middler year or after they have completed nine units.