At a Glance

Parking Information

Parking is available for staff, faculty, and students at McCormick Theological Seminary and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  The shared parking facility provides safe, covered...

Required Textbooks

Textbook Listing B-300 - Introduction to Biblical Studies The books we will ask you to buy for this course include a Study Bible based on a different translation from the translation in the Bible you...

Community Calendar

Calendar of significant dates in the life and ministry of the McCormick community

Visitor Information

Directions via public and ground transportation as well as helpful resources in the Hyde Park area

Guest Housing Facilities

Services and policies for guest housing at McCormick

IT Helpdesk

Internet and technology services and resources

JKM Library

The JKM Library is a joint effort between McCormick Theological Seminary and The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago

IT Helpdesk

Thanks for visiting!  As you can see there have been a lot of changes recently at