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McCormick mourns the passing of Rev. Eunice Poethig who returned to God on May 25, 2018. She graduated in the class of 1975 and is survived by her husband, Rev. Richard “Dick” Poethig, a former faculty member.

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As persons preparing to serve the church in the world, McCormick wants your intellectual and theological development to work in concert with your practical and spiritual preparation for effective ministry. In other words, we want you to continually experience a deepening intimacy with God as you acquire the knowledge and tools that will sustain your practice of ministry.
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Spiritual formation is a foundational component of the seminary experience. Most seminary faculty build time for prayer and devotions into class time; in addition, a number of classes focus specifically on spirituality, spiritual formation, and spiritual practices, with attention paid to context and the diverse Christian traditions represented at the seminary.

Students, faculty and staff gather each week for community worship to hear the Word proclaimed and to celebrate the Eucharist.

McCormick students frequently choose to be a part of a local Chicago worshipping community, these are a couple of their favorites
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The Chicago area is blessed with an abundance of places to worship. Below is a list of churches, most of which are in the Hyde Park area. Also shown are a few churches that either have strong ties to McCormick Theological Seminary, or are in the process of exploring a closer connection with the Seminary community.

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