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In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Eunice Blanchard Poethig admin 03-27-2018
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McCormick mourns the passing of Rev. Eunice Poethig who returned to God on May 25, 2018. She graduated in the class of 1975 and is survived by her husband, Rev. Richard “Dick” Poethig, a former faculty member.

Egypt and the Bible Travel Seminar
This year's travel seminar took sixteen McCormick students and instructors to Cairo, Alexandria, Sinai, and Luxor
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by Adam Delezenne

Alumna Jody Noble brings us a report from the Presbytery of Chicago church leadership event
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by Jody Noble (M.Div. 2009)

One of the significant challenges for people who want to help children and youth read the Bible is making the stories appropriate for their ages, understandable, interesting, and applicable to their lives. At LEAD 2010, McCormick alumnae Lindsey Anderson and Emily McGinley, with Professor Ted Hiebert, presented an educational session on how adults working with children and youth can accomplish all of these things in several relatively easy steps.

Connie recounts memorable experiences from her time at McCormick and in ministry
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Some 15 years before I came to study at McCormick, I walked in the door and spoke with someone about the possibility of enrolling.

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by Connie Leininger (M.Div. 1984)

The person I spoke with told me to go spend money and enjoy life. After that, if I felt called to ministry, I could come back.  Looking back, that turned out to be exactly right for me.

While I was at McCormick, I was in some personal turmoil. I was in a bad marriage and struggling to define myself. Being at McCormick was a way to center myself in the Christian faith and to see myself as a capable person. Pauline Coffman, the dean of student life and a McCormick alumna, was a warm presence, honest and helpful.