In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Eunice Blanchard Poethig admin 03-27-2018
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McCormick mourns the passing of Rev. Eunice Poethig who returned to God on May 25, 2018. She graduated in the class of 1975 and is survived by her husband, Rev. Richard “Dick” Poethig, a former faculty member.

Elizabeth K. Ware has written a book about McCormick that may be obtained from the Office of Seminary Relations and Development.
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Today, the Lincoln Park area of Chicago is an affluent stretch of neighborhoods, parks, beaches, two museums, and a nationally know zoo. It is also home to one campus of DePaul University. Few know, however, that Lincoln Park began when this area of prairie and truck farms became the first campus of McCormick Theological Seminary. Read more about it in Elizabeth K. Ware's 1999 book.

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In 1999, author Elizabeth K. Ware wrote a companion book to an exhibition entitled, "Within the Wrought Iron Fence: The Hidden Heritage of McCormick Theological Seminary." The exhibition was mounted in the Richardson Library of DePaul University from January to March of that year. Ware's book traces McCormick's history from its beginnings in the Lincoln Park area on the north side of Chicago, to a time just prior to the building of McCormick's current Hyde Park campus.