McCormick Moves Forward

David Crawford accepts role as interim president of McCormick Seminary.

Three McCormick Alumni to Be Honored

McCormick alums will be honored at the national biennial meeting for the American Baptist Churches in Portland,Oregon on July 2nd.

Rev. Dr. Frank Yamada's Farewell Letter

My heart is full of gratitude as I write what will be my final letter as president to you, the McCormick community.

Where Leadership Thrives: Summer Camp and the Hope for the World

As the world tilts towards chaos and we stare down global uncertainty, it is not the mighty armies that make that make me feel safe. Nor does the knowledge coming out of universities bring me peace.

Reunion Reflections: Questions to Ask Classmates and Yourself When you Return to Campus

College commencements take center stage in the month of May while High School graduations will run through the end of summer.