McCormick Hosts Clergy & Lay Leadership Summit XII

The Summit is a faith-based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Think, Pray, Vote

Whenever I hear someone refer to the “Christian vote” I cringe. As if all Christians think – let alone vote – the same way.

Modern-Day Saints:

Christian Leaders Who Are Changing the World in Our Communities, Churches, Seminaries and Country

The Legacy of the Lost Coins

A generous gift was prompted by the re-discovery of an antique coin collection.

Theological Education Week: A Call to Conversations about Call

A single conversation can change your life. It happened to me when I was in my early thirties:

Mass Incarceration - A Form of Racialized Social Control

Join us for lunch and a panel discussion focusing on mass incarceration.

Outed By InterVarsity: Onward Christian Allies

A new friend confided in me recently that she’d left her old job with a Christian organization because she was becoming public about being an “ally” with the LGBTQI community.

The Fit Finder: How to Choose the Seminary That Is Right for You

There are a lot of misconceptions about seminary.

Presbyterian Relief Meets Hurricane Matthew

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Is Responding to Hurricane Matthew

In Memoriam: Dr. C. Siddha Weber

Dr. C. Siddha Weber was a Healer, Muralist, Poet, Musician, and Community Activist