Beyond Divestment: Global Warming, Trauma And The Call For Pastoral Care

"Now I used to think that I was cool, running around off fossil fuel, until I saw what I was doing was driving down the road to ruin."

Why Summer Camp Transforms: Stillness in the Midst of Movement

I loved recess.

Everyone Gave According to Their Ability

A paraphrase of Acts 11:29

No Ordinary Time: A Call to Awareness and Action

On Sunday, many Christians celebrated Pentecost, the day in the Liturgical Calendar when the Holy Sprit descends to earth. It is often called the birthday of the church and is timed 50 days after Easter.

A College Reunion Blessing

For the first twenty years, my experience at my college reunions were what I expected and hoped they would be: a good time where I would see old friends and meet peers who I had missed the first time around