“Keeping the Faith” spotlights professor’s new book


Dr. Robert Cathey’s newest book, God in Postliberal Perspective: Between Realism and Non-Realism (Ashgate Publishing, 2009), is the subject of the 5 p.m., September 13 airing of “Keeping the Faith,” broadcasting from Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, on AM 580. A live, call-in show hosted by McCormick alumnus Steve Shoemaker, “Keeping the Faith” features interviews on issues of spirituality, ethics, values and religion.

Dr. Cathey’s central concern in God in Postliberal Perspective is, he writes in the introduction:

“Who is “G-o-d” for ‘us’ today? … Specifically, who is the ‘God’ worshipped by Christians in the variety of global settings in this ecumenical and interfaith age? Does it still make sense to speak as if all Christians worship one God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, into whose name we are all baptized?”

Cathey approaches the issue by examining various voices in the debate between realist and non-realist understandings of the divine in Post-liberal thought, engaging the work of Don Cupitt, David Burrell, William Placher and other major theologians and philosophers of religion. In the book’s concluding chapter, Cathey offers a “middle way” in the “postliberal empirical realism” of the late Bernard Meland, an ecumenical Presbyterian theologian and former student at McCormick in the mid-1920s.

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