2010 Theses and Award Winners


Masters-level Theses

  • Subverting Racism in Interfaith Dialogue: The Work of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions by Honna M. Eichler
  • Dinka Concept of Peace as a Contribution to Muslim-Christian Coexistence in Sudan by Emmanuel Tongun Mathew Gore

Doctor of Ministry Theses

  • Authenticity and Relevance in a Postmodern Context: A Conversation Between the Black Church and the Emerging Church by Alise Donyelle Barrymore
  • Number One: The Associate Pastor’s Charge to Preach by Alan Dixon Dorway       
  • Increasing the Space: The Journey to Become a Multiracial Congregation by Michael J. Jones
  • Pentecostal Leadership: The Development of Pentecostal Pastoral Leadership in the New South African Context by Amos Golo Mokopi
  • The Long Journey to Home: Preaching to Rebuild Trust in the Aftermath of Clergy Betrayal by M.J. Romano
  • Overcoming Racism against Arab Americans: An Educational Program in Search of Reconciliation by Jonah Joshua Salim
  • Re-Kindling the Fire: Renewing Hope for Congregational Vitality by David Alan Torrey    


Recipients of Fellowships, Awards, and Prizes 2009-2010

  • Bernadine Orme Smith Fellowship:    Linda Mary Eastwood (Alternate:  Adam Malak)
  • John V. Farwell Fellowship in Theology and Ethics:    Linda Mary Eastwood
  • Arthur A. Hayes Fellowship in Church History:    Jeffrey T. Foels
  • T. B. Blackstone Fellowship in New Testament Greek:    Matthew John Helms
  • Nettie McCormick Fellowship in Old Testament Hebrew:    Michael Steven Plank
  • George Tressler Scott Fellowship in Applied Christianity:    Juhyun Jang and Casey Elizabeth Thornburgh
  • John Randall Hunt Prizes for Outstanding D.Min. Thesis and Academic Record:   Alise Donyelle Barrymore and M. J. Romano
  • Nettie F. McCormick Award in Old Testament:    Arianne Lehn
  • Isabella Blackstone Award in New Testament:    Mary Carlin   
  • Isabella Blackstone Award in Church History:     Rosa Sailes
  • Henry P. Crowell Award in Systematic Theology:    Honna Eichler
  • Floyd V. Filson Prizes in New Testament:  Michelle Henrichs and Alexander Wirth
  • Hugh McBirney Awards in English Bible:    Amber Ellington and Lora Lynne Burge
  • Samuel Robinson Awards in Shorter Catechism:    Katie Anderson, Linda Eastwood, Kate Ester and Sarah Ross
  • Arthur R. McKay Prize in Theology:    Casey Elizabeth Thornburgh
  • Marshall Scott Urban /Labor Ministry Award:    Jerome Anthony Adams and Gloria D. Cox
  • Ellen and James Taylor Award in Preaching:    Veronica Johnson and Jeffrey T. Foels
  • Jesse Halsey Award for Imagination in Preaching:    Kimberlee Michelle Frost   
  • Martin D. Kneeland Award for Sermon Delivery:  Jody Schultz Noble
  • James W. Angell Award for Preaching with the Congregation:   Linda Mary Eastwood
  • Robert and Jean Boling Memorial Fund for International Travel and Study:   Emmanuel Tongun Mathew Gore and Linda Mary Eastwood