Acts 10:15 coordinating group to attend Covenant Network conference Nov. 5-7


Hello everyone,
Acts 10:15 is coordinating a group to attend Covenant Network's (a PCUSA group, but anyone is welcome) conference 'The Church We Can See From Here' November 5-7 in Cleveland Ohio. 

we are trying to keep costs to a minimum (the conference itself is free for seminarians) so we are trying to carpool and are coordinating with a local congregation to host us in their homes for the thursday and friday evenings. 

if you are interested or want more information please go to, the conference info and a link to the online registration is on the right hand side of the screen.

once you have registered please email jessica dixon ( and let her know so that we can include you in our carpool and housing plans. also if you have a car and are willing to drive please tell her that too.

Jessica Dixon, Katy Anderson, Tracy Nolan, Sylvia Miller
co-moderators Acts 10:15