Alumni/ae Association Annual Meeting 2008

McCormick Theological Seminary

Alumni/ae Association Annual Meeting

McCormick Days — October 28, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 12:35 p.m. by President Laura Reasoner, who welcomed everyone and thanked them for staying for the meeting. Grayson Van Camp, director of continuing education and alumni/ae relations, opened the meeting with prayer.


President Reasoner appointed Carol Wehrheim as the secretary for the meeting.


David Esterline, dean of the faculty and vice-president for academic affairs, greeted the group and reported two new faculty appointments:

·         Jeff Japinga, associate dean for the Doctor of Ministry program

·         Frank Yamata, associate dean of the center for Asian-Americian ministries and professor of New Testament?

He noted that the Board of Trustees, in May, approved the establishment of an institute for cross-cultural education


The minutes of the annual meeting on October 22, 2007 were approved by consensus.


Gordon Zerkel, in the absence of Denise Plaire, placed in nomination the following slate, on behalf of the nominating committee:


               President Elect    

                              Richard A. Williams, M Div 2004

Campus minister, Apage House, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL


               Board of Trustees Representative, Class of 2011

                              Jose F. Morales, Jr., M Div 2005

Associate pastor, Iglesia del Pueblo Christian Church, Hammond, IN

Executive directory, Hope Center, Hammond, IN


               Members at Large, Class of 2011

                              P. Gregg Neel, M Div 2001

Executive presbyter, Presbytery of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


Denise L. Plair, M Div 2007

Associate minister, True Foundation Transformation Church, Chicago, IL


Members at Large, Class of 2010

               Joy Myers, M Div 2000

Associate pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Edwardsville, IL


Shannan Vance-Ocampo, M Div 2001

Associate pastor, Rumson Presbyterian Church, Rumson, NJ


               2009 Nominations Committee

                              Joy K. Challenger, M Div 2005 (Moderator)

Minister to children and youth, Third New Hope Baptist Church, Detroit, MI

Michael D. Jacobs, M Div, 2001

Associate pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL

Yung-Suk Kim, M Div 1999

Associate professor of NT and early Christianity, Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA

Alice Geils Nord, M Div, 1998

Associate pastor, Faith Presbyterian Church, Sun City, AZ

Irene Pak, M Div 2007

Young adult intern for racial justice and advocacy, PCUSA, Louisville, KY

Carol Wehrheim, MA 1964

Writer, editor, consultant in Christian education


Since no nominations came from the floor, it was voted to elect the slate as presented.


President Reasoner thanked those persons who had agreed to serve in the various capacities She welcomed the new president Nanette Sawyers to the office.


Grayson Van Camp introduced the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award, Judy Lee Hayes.


President Reasoner reported on the May Board of Trustees meeting. Specific concerns related to alums are building up the endowment and increasing the number of alumni/ae who contribute to the seminary.


Christine Vogel, dean of students and vice president for student affairs, reported that the new director of recruitment is ????? There are 50 in the incoming class, seven short of the goal number. The goal for the incoming class next year is 60, which will be a challenge to the recruiters. She urged those present to pass names of prospectice students to her and asked the Alumni/ae Council to look for ways to assist in recruitment.


There begin no further business, it was moved, seconded, and voted to adjourn at 12:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted


Carol A. Wehrheim