Alumni/ae Association Constitution and By Laws

Constitution and By Laws

Alumni/ae Association

McCormick Theological Seminary

Article I


1.  Name. The name of this association is the Alumni/ae Association of McCormick Theological Seminary.


2.  Purpose.  The purpose of the Alumni/ae Association and its Alumni/ae Council is to plan and provide, with Seminary Administration, ways in which alumni/ae can provide input to and support McCormick’s ministry, represent the interests of alumni and in turn be supported by its programs.  The Council will select a Distinguished Alumnus/a each year from nominations received from the Alumni/ae constituency.  This award will be presented at the annual McCormick Days event.


3.  Annual Meeting.  The Association shall have one Annual Meeting each year in conjunction with McCormick Days.


Article II


Membership. All the graduates of Lane, Lebanon, and McCormick Seminaries and the Presbyterian College of Christian Education are members of this Association.  Each successive graduation class shall be formally incorporated into membership at its Commencement.


Article III


1.  Officers. The officers of the Association are a President and a President-elect. The President-elect will act as Vice President in the first year after election and will be nominated for the office of President in the second year.


2.  President. The President shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and will be installed by the outgoing President.  The outgoing President and the incoming President will share leadership at McCormick Days as may be deemed appropriate.  The President of the Association is also the President of the Alumni/ae Council.  The President will represent the association as requested so to do at annual Seminary Commencement Ceremonies and serve on the Board of Trustees during his/her term of office.


3.  The President-elect.  The President-elect shall serve as Vice President for one year and will serve in place of the President as needed.  In the event that neither the President nor President-elect is able to continue to serve, the Alumni/ae Council will appoint an Acting President to fill the unfinished term.  In such a case, the Acting President will be eligible for nomination to a full succeeding term as President.


4.  Temporary Secretary.  The President will appoint a temporary secretary at the annual meeting to take minutes of the meeting.


5.  Terms of Office.  The officers shall assume their functions in their entirety at the close of McCormick Days. 


Article IV


Alumni/ae Council.  The Alumni/ae Council acts on behalf of the Alumni/ae Association between Annual Meetings.


The membership of the Council will consist of President; President-elect;  immediate past-President, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee; six at large members to serve staggered three year terms; three representatives to the Board of Trustees in staggered three year terms; and appropriate McCormick faculty and staff.  


1.  Meetings.  The Council will meet at least three times each year as follows:

October – This meeting will be held the day prior to the Seminary Board of Trustees fall meeting.  The agenda will include an evaluation of the recent McCormick Days.  Both retiring and newly elected Council members will be included as members of the Council at this meeting.


January – This meeting will be held the day prior to the Seminary Board of Trustees winter meeting.  The agenda will include planning for future McCormick Days.   


May – This meeting will be held the day prior to the Seminary Board of Trustees spring meeting.  The agenda will include:

·         Selecting the Distinguished Alumni/ae to be named and honored at that year’s McCormick Days.

·         “Fine tuning” the process and content of the upcoming McCormick Days.

·         Planning for the McCormick Days for the following calendar year.


2.  Attendance at meetings.  Those elected to positions on the Council are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  If a person who is elected misses all meetings in one year or four meetings during a two year period, that person’s position shall be considered as having been vacated. 
3.  Vacancies.  In the event that a position on the Council is vacant, the Council may ask the Nominating Committee, below, to nominate someone to fill the unexpired term of the vacancy or, at its discretion, elect someone to fill the unexpired term of the vacancy. 


 Article V


1. Nominations Committee. A Nominations Committee will be nominated by the current Nominations Committee and be elected at the Annual Meeting to serve for one year.  At least five persons will be elected to the committee, two of whom shall be the at-large Council members serving their second year on the Council, neither of whom shall serve as moderator of the committee. The Committee will make single slate nominations for the following: 

·         The office of President-elect

·         Board of Trustees Representatives

·         Succeeding Nominations Committee

·         Chairperson of the succeeding Nominations Committee, who then serves a one-year term on the Council

·         Two at-large members to serve three year terms, plus

·         Nominations for any current vacancies on the Council, or Trustee Representatives. 


2.  Elections.  The Committee will report its slate for election at the Annual Meeting.  Nominations from the floor are permitted.


3.  Terms of office.   Terms of office as members of Council shall begin with the October meeting following the Annual Meeting; Board of Trustee Representatives begin their term on the Board of Trustees at the Board’s fall meeting following the Annual Meeting.


4.  Vacancies.  (See Article IV Section 3, above.)

Article VI


1.     Board of Trustees Representatives.  The Alumni/ae Association is represented on the Seminary Board of Trustees by three persons, one of whom is elected to a three-year term each year at the Annual Meeting, nominated from Council members active during the prior year.  The President of the Association is also a member of the Board of Trustees during his/her year in office. The term of office on the Board begins at the October meeting. The term of office on the Council runs concurrent with the term of service on the Board of Trustees. 


2.     Responsibility.  Alumni/ae members of McCormick’s Board of Trustees shall represent the interests of the Alumni/ae Association and will report to each meeting of the Council such issues as are pertinent to the Association’s work.  Representatives to the Board will report to the Association each year at the Annual Meeting.

Article VII


1.     Alumni/ae Chapters.  McCormick Theological Alumni/ae Chapters may be organized in various local or regional areas of the country or world as former student in various areas show an interest or desire to form such organizations.


2.     Purposes.  The primary purposes for the organization of Alumni/ae Chapters are understood to be:


a.     To allow and encourage former McCormick students to gather periodically to enjoy one another’s company in sharing concerns regarding events and issues in the life of the church.


     b.       To provide opportunities for representatives of the Seminary to meet with former            

               students to provide up-to-date information about the Seminary’s program and ministry.


c.     To provide a means whereby Seminary leadership can receive the Benefit of former students’ advice and assistance in achieving the strategic objectives of the Seminary, with special attention to assisting in interpreting the Seminary’s ministry to the church-at-large; assisting in identifying prospective students; and aiding in suggesting potential donors who can support the Seminary financially.


3.     Communications.  As such Chapters are organized they will be invited to keep the Alumni/ae Council informed of their interests and activities and to be in touch with the Seminary administration in relation to fulfilling their agreed upon purposes.


4.     Other Gatherings of Former Students.  In instances where the desire or practicality of forming Alumni/ae Chapters is limited, former students in certain areas may wish to develop occasional ad hoc gatherings of Alumni/ae and friends of the Seminary to meet together and with representatives of the Seminary for many of the same purposes as described in Section 2 of this Article. 


Article VIII


Amendments.  This constitution may be amended by recommendation of the Council at the Annual Meeting of the Association by 2/3rds vote of the members present.


Approved 10-17-04 by the Alumni/ae Association


PLEASE NOTE:  The Alumni/ae Council plans to revise the Constitution and By Laws in the 2009-2010 Academic year to more clearly reflect the work of the Council and Association.