Alumni/ae Association FAQ

Is there a fee required for membership in the Alumni/ae Association?

There is no fee required. According to the Constitution and By Laws of the Alumni/ae Association, All the graduates of Lane, Lebanon, and McCormick Seminaries and the Presbyterian College of Christian Education are members of this Association.”

How can I update my address or other personal and professional information?

For any changes, please send us an update with your name, class year, address, phone number and e-mail address.

How do I submit a note for the alumni/ae section of McCormick Notes magazine?

If you have news to share in McCormick Notes, including births, marriages, weddings, obituaries, graduations or professional attainments, you may send an email to the Alumni/ae Relations Office at You may also mail correspondence to Alumni/ae Relations, McCormick Theological Seminary, 5460 S. University Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615.  Please note that we are unable to publish all alumni/ae news articles in McCormick Notes.  But you may always share news on the “News” section of the Alumni/ae website.

Does McCormick offer alumni/ae ID cards?

McCormick does not offer ID Cards. But if you ever need to show proof of your alumni/ae status, the Alumni/ae Office will be happy to send a letter on your behalf.