Alumni/ae Profiles

Learn about McCormick alumni/ae and the value they found in their McCormick education.

Ben Larson-Wolbrink
Campus Minister
Master of Divinity 2004

“McCormick challenged me to “meet people where they are,” in their particular contexts.  By walking with people and gaining their trust, a minister is able to open them to new areas of growth in their faith. This is especially the case in campus ministry worship. [Together, we have] added depth and breadth to our worship experience.”

Jesse Larson
Campus Minister
Master of Divinity 2008

“As a student I developed an interest in multicultural ministry.  I have been very glad I was able to acquire a solid understanding of what it means to be Presbyterian. At the same time, due to McCormick’s diversity, familiarity with other beliefs has helped me reach out to students of other backgrounds, and let them know they are welcomed and appreciated for who they are.”

Terra Winston
Mission Volunteer, Lebanon
Master of Divinity 2008
Passion: History geography and languages of the Bible

“McCormick has had a lasting and profound effect on my calling, which is the learning and teaching of Old Testament language and history. From Introduction to Biblical Studies to supporting me in my further pursuits of continued education and teaching efforts, McCormick has been there at every step. Its faculty and administration have taken a pastoral and educational interest in my work both while I was a student and in the time since my graduation.”

Linda Morgan-Clement
College Chaplain and Faculty Member in Religious Studies
Master of Divinity 1984

“At McCormick I became deeply engaged in ministry with persons outside the traditional congregational life, such as refugee families, inner city schools, and the homebound elderly.  The education at McCormick and the opportunity to also learn with a diverse community and at several different institutions allowed me to engage in a dialogue with persons whose culture, history, and ethnic background opened many new possibilities in my understanding of self, God, and other. This skill set of building bridges, listening carefully, thinking creatively, and recognizing grace has been essential in my diverse ministry.”

Laura Fry
Church Pastor
Master of Divinity 2007
Passion: Connection between worship and justice

“I think often of (Professor Emeritus) Dr. Homer Ashby saying that ministry is a marathon and not a sprint.  This concept has helped me to maintain balance and perspective.  I also see how the subjects of history, theology, worship, preaching, and pastoral care inform one another in ministry--they are much more inter-connected than I realized during seminary!”

Michael Fry
Master of Divinity 2008
Passion: Bridge buidling

“McCormick helped me to be more open minded in respecting other people’s viewpoints. I really appreciate McCormick’s diversity, and the students it brings together.  I learned a lot from my classmates many of whom were already in ministry while full-time students. I have deep respect for them, and admire their determination and hard work.”