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Since 1829, McCormick Theological Seminary has served as a premier center for theological education. Today, McCormick continues this legacy through its community of collaborative teaching and learning, preparing students for ministry that is cross-cultural, urban, Reformed, and ecumenical. 

McCormick's masters programs do not prescribe a specific pre-theological course. It is expected that your previous education and experience have prepared you in oral and written communication skills, to think clearly, to enter into your spiritual and cultural heritage, and to understand the world in which you lives. Our masters level programs offer students opportunities to be transformed as leaders in the church and society through academic pursuits, critical reflection, and faithful witness.

Our Doctor of Ministry program integrates theory and practice, values your experiential knowledge, focuses on peer-based learning in cohorts, and is rooted in culturally attentive contextual education. Our goal is to provide students with a challenging course of study directly applicable to your ministry. 

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