Auditing of Courses

The term “audit” is reserved for formal arrangements in which a student agrees to attend a course regularly and be responsible for reading and other obligations as agreed with the instructor, yet without academic credit toward a degree.

Students must register for an audit through the regular registration process. A student registered for a full-time program of four courses during a semester may register for one additional course on an auditing basis without charge. Part-time students will be required to pay one-half tuition. 

Permission of the instructor is required prior to registration. Participation in the class is to be negotiated with the instructor. A student may take only one audit in any given semester. The term “audit” will appear on the transcript upon successful completion of the course. Audits may not be changed to credits at any time. An audit does not apply toward the enrollment requirement for housing and financial aid. Students enrolled in PC(USA) and ACTS seminaries may audit McCormick masters level courses under existing cross-registration policies. The students are subject to the policy outlined above.

Spouses of currently enrolled students may attend classes as “noncredit listeners” with the permission of the instructor. Instructors will report the attendance of these students by adding their names to the class registration lists. There will be no other admissions process, there will not be a fee for attendance, and no academic records will be kept.