Awards for International Travel and Study

Check out the Award for International Travel and Study at a Glance. Applications are due January 30.

Apply now! Here's the 2017 Award for International Travel and Study Application.

Awards are given annually to stimulate scholarly study and ministerial development and to recognize excellence of achievement. A student must be in good academic standing at the time he or she applies for or is nominated for an award. The faculty reserves the right in any year not to grant one or more of the awards. Recommendations regarding the recipients in each case are made by the faculty of the respective fields.

All application materials should be sent to David Watkins by January 30. Inquirers should contact Alicia with questions on eligibility or the application process. 

John Hayes Creighton Fund for Graduate Study in the Holy Land 

This fund provides for two awards enabling students to visit and stay in biblical lands for a period of up to three months. The grants are made on the basis of student proposals submitted to the Committee on Fellowships and Awards. Students who receive grants must have completed one year of seminary (transfer students are eligible), and be intending to enter parish ministry. A student’s plans for travel and study should be connected with one of the many educational programs available in the Middle East. A student receiving an award (including graduating seniors) should anticipate opportunities to share the experience in written and oral reports to the McCormick community. Proposals must be submitted to Alicia Rhine by January 30.

The George L. Robinson, Ovid R. Sellers, and Ernest Wright Archaeological Awards

These awards, established at the initiative of Mrs. Katherine Sellers, honor three alumni who subsequently became McCormick faculty members in the field of Old Testament. All were internationally recognized for their contributions to biblical archaeology. The income from this fund is to be used to assist in underwriting the costs of one or more students’ participation in an archaeological expedition related to lands associated with the scriptural narratives. Applications should be submitted to Alicia Rhine by January 30.

The Robert and Jean Boling Memorial Fund for International Travel and Study

This fund honors the life and work of two longtime members of the McCormick community. Through the lens of their faith, Bob and Jean saw the world as a global community in which they lived joyously and worked with determined hope for peace. Over a span of nearly 40 years, Bob and Jean traveled and lived on and off in the Middle East in conjunction with Bob’s ministry as Professor of Old Testament at McCormick. Their life commitments were shaped in large part by relating that region’s rich history and troubled present to biblical hopesfor peace. The Robert and Jean Boling Memorial Fund upholds McCormick’s commitment to global and cross-cultural theological education.

Recognizing the value of firsthand experiences of global community in theological education and leadership formation and acknowledging the need to equip both laypersons and clergy for leadership in ministries of reconciliation, the Boling Memorial Fund was established. The Fund supports international travel and study for theological students and laypersons who seek to enhance cross-cultural understanding and peace. Proposals for travel/study to the Middle East will be given priority consideration. Proposals should be submitted to Alicia Rhine by January 30.