Common Ground succeeds AADVENT Project, expands scope


As a forerunner in cross-cultural theological education, McCormick is pleased to announce the launch of the Common Ground Project, which is designed to enhance the Seminary's ability to serve and nurture congregations and pastors of color and to support emerging generations of pastoral leadership in Asian American, Latin@ and African American faith communities.

Common Ground is made possible by Lilly Endowment Inc., which funded the AADVENT (Asian American Development, Vocation, Empowerment, Nurture, and Transformation) Project from 2004 to 2008 through its Making Connections Initiative and has made remaining funds from the grant available for this new endeavor.

Common Ground’s focus will be on the challenges and generational shifts of pastoral leadership for African American, Latino/a, and Asian American congregations. It will also serve as a resource for anti-racism training within the seminary, host a second-generation pastor’s consultation and support the work of McCormick’s Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education and its three ministry centers: The Center for African American Ministries and Black Church Studies, the Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry, and the Center for Asian American Ministries.

“We have witnessed a deep need across the denominational spectrum for leaders and leadership development that address a changing Church and world,” President Cynthia Campbell said. “The contribution of the Common Ground Project is to facilitate intergenerational conversation and identity formation for ministry with African American, Latino/a, and Asian American faith communities. Making connections within and across these communities will be a critical step toward the transformation of the greater Church.”

The Common Ground Project has already begun its work, having hosted a pastors’ consultation on July 13-16, with 30 pastors and church leaders in attendance. A consultation for young adults was held August 14-16. The inaugural celebration event is set for November 4 at McCormick.
For more information on The Common Ground Project, email or call 773/947-6319. The Project will be online beginning September 1 at