DMin Program Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for Doctor of Ministry Programs

The total cost of study for McCormick’s 2017-2018 D.Min. program is $9,175

· Tuition: $8,100 ($900/class for 9 classes)

· Thesis advising fee: $900

· Graduation fee: $140

· Thesis digitization fee: $36

The thesis advising fee is equal to the tuition for one course and is charged six months following Thesis Residency. The graduation fee is assessed the Spring Term immediately prior to graduation, and the digitization fee is assessed at graduation. This rate is subject to change annually.

If a student requests and is granted an extension of time for completing the program (beyond the five-year academic limit), a continuation fee of $500.00  per year will be charged. When there is an extension to the student’s program, costs incurred in the thesis oral evaluation, including travel costs of the thesis advisor and the evaluator, will be the responsibility of the student.

Graduates of McCormick’s D.Min. program may enroll as auditors in current D.Min. courses, when class capacity allows, at the audit  Auditors need the approval of the Dean to participate in courses.

Additional expenses for D.Min. students include housing, board, and books. Financial Planning For assistance in estimating your program costs and developing a financial plan, contact the Student Financial Planning Office.

Estimated additional expenses (per course):

· Books (average per course) $100-200

· Travel (varies for individual)**

· Campus Housing/Residency per person per night** $80-100

** Expenses for D.Min. students will vary by place of residence. All travel and housing costs are the responsibility of the individual student and cannot be covered by any financial aid.

Joint Programs Tuition

The Ecumenical D.Min. program tuition is $10,000 total ($5,000 at the beginning of year one and $5,000 at the beginning of year two). If the student is able to pay the full tuition amount at the start of their program, the total tuition is reduced to $8,000

The tuition for the ACTS D.Min. program for those entering in 2017 or 2018 is $11,898, paid over three years ($3,966 per year).