Doctor of Ministry Programs

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry programs at McCormick Theological Seminary is to provide advanced professional study for pastors and church leaders in a community of mutual learning and teaching. The McCormick Doctor of Ministry encourages academically rigorous, cross-cultural, and ecumenical inquiry as it nurtures the gifts of women and men for faithful Christian ministry. Core values of McCormick’s program include learning based on context and practice, serious theological reflection, engagement across cultures and traditions, and personal and congregational or organizational transformation.

The Doctor of Ministry program at McCormick Theological Seminary is designed to foster the spiritual and theological growth of individual students while developing their organizational and analytical skills and understanding. The program is committed to the transformation and revitalization of congregations and agencies and their leaders. It values partnership as the primary means for ministry, and involves congregations, agencies, and other ministry participants from the application process through graduation including thesis research and writing.

McCormick seeks to create cross-cultural learning communities in which students and faculty work with and learn from each other. This learning provides students with the benefit of participation in a diverse learning cohort, as well as the opportunity to take elective courses in a preferred area of concentration. Each aspect of the program emphasizes a collaborative model of learning and ministry and a mode of inquiry that sustains the essential relation between theory and practice.

The hallmark of a McCormick Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry program is a commitment to institutional life, scholarship, and ministry that is Reformed, Ecumenical, Urban, and Cross-cultural.

Are you looking for a way to:

  • Explore your current ministry more deeply?
  • Attend to your theological and intellectual growth?
  • Become an agent of change in your own setting?
  • Learn in a cross-cultural, intentionally diverse setting?
  • Study in a community of pastors?

A McCormick Doctor of Ministry education is about you—both what you need in ministry and what you can offer others. It brings biblical, theological, and historical wisdom to bear both on your current ministry and on future directions and callings. It draws on Christian tradition, the most current scholarship, contemporary case studies, and your own experience (plus the experiences of your classmates) to deepen your knowledge base and help you discover new possibilities for your current ministry. Not only that, this learning occurs in the kind of diverse setting that will stimulate your thinking and open new windows of insight.

With the support of McCormick’s outstanding faculty, a McCormick Doctor of Ministry degree can become a turning point to more vital and effective ministry.

At a Glance

Fees and Financing

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General Academic Information

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Academic Procedures

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What McCormick Students Say About the D.Min. Program

"My ministry context is broad, diverse and sometimes unpredictable.  The academic and personal reflection components of the program continually enhance my ability to serve in new ways.  The ecumenical setting is a bonus as it helps to be reminded that God comes to people in different ways and all should be respected." The Reverend Angela Shepherd, Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

"I was seeking the opportunity for advance study in an Adult Learning environment where the interaction between mature practitioners, facilitators, and students alike, enables growth in collaboration with one another. This context is not available everywhere, but I found it at McCormick." The Reverend Peter Bartlett, Eastminster United Church, Belleville, Ontario.

"I'm not the same person I was when I started the D.Min. program a year ago, because I have been stretched to view my surroundings with complexity and multiculturally. I feel I am evolving, growing and changing to be the leader in Christ's church fulfilling a continual call." The Reverend Sara Rabe, Zwingli United Church of Christ, Paoli, WI.