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Our student body is not only ethnically diverse, it is also boasts a variety of faith backgrounds.

Faith in Place, Chicago, IL


Status active
Type Agency
Denomination N/A
Contact Info 70 E Lake Street, Suite 920 Chicago, IL 60601 Tel: (773) 235-4640 Fax: (773) 235-4653 Website: Email:

Community Description:

There are two great responsibilities common to all faiths: to love one another and to care for the creation that sustains all life.Faith In Place gives religious people tools to reflect deeply on these responsibilities, integrate the teachings of faith into practice, and work together for a just and sustainable future.

Since 1999, Faith in Place has partnered with over 800 congregations in Illinois- Christian,Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist,Sikh, Zoroastrian, Baha'i and Unitarian. We're also part of the na tional Interfaith Power & Light campaign, which now has affiliates in 39 states.

Our congregations work with us to establish green teams- groups of lay leaders who help to weave environmental considerations into every aspect of congregational life. Then we help them to find resources to conserve energy and water,protect the natural systems around us,support localand sustainable farming, and promote the kinds of public policies that ensure a just and sustainable future for us and our children and grandchildren.

Our congregations are of every description and distributed around the state of Illinois. They are urban, suburban, small town and rural, and of every faith and ethnicity. Because we've had a focused outreach on African-American congregations in Chicago at this point approximately 15% of our congregations are African-American. Several more are Latino, and we are currently working to expand our outreach to the Latino community. We would also have a particular interest in a student from the Korean community who could help us to connect to congregations in that demographic.

Position Description:

Interns have the opportunity to see how a non-profit functions from the inside by working with staff on all aspects of non-profit management from staff supervision to strategic planning to grant writing. They also will provide program assistance on congregational outreach and education, giving talks at congregations that wish to start a new green team,working with our winter  farmers market program,helping with youth efforts such as our youth weatherization program and summer youth ambassador energy conservation effort, and more. If the intern has a particular interest in some area of our work (a focus on a particular group, an interest in energy work or local agriculture) we will make sure they get the opportunity to contribute to that effort.


Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield will be the field site supervisor for seminary student. She has a D. Min. from CTS,and an M.Div. from Meadville/Lombard. She has supervised numerous field interns over the 12 years she has led Faith in Place, and taught courses at Meadville and McCormick Seminaries. She is an ordained community minister in the Unitarian Universalist church, and is affiliated with Unity Temple in Oak Park. While Rev. Butterfield is more concerned with outcomes than means as a supervisor, she is attentive as a site supervisor for future ministers to formation as a minister, claiming ministerial authority, and understanding non-traditional settings such as non-profit work as true ministries, including pastoral aspects.


Our offices are downtown on Lake Street between Wabash and Michigan, and easily accessible from the Green Line or one of the Hyde Park buses. Work will often take the intern to area congregations,but if transit isn't possible, we also have an 1-Go membership that can be used by staff if a car is needed.