Financial Aid and Scholarships

While many students are able to finance their program without financial assistance, others need access to financial aid. Students develop a financial plan which typically includes a combination of denominational, church, family, foundation and other outside support, part-time employment, seminary grant funds, and, if necessary, loans.

The Financial Aid Program is designed to aid those with limited resources to meet their educational expenses. It is our hope that each student will be able to work out a financial plan that avoids undue financial pressure, excessive employment, or unmanageable debt.

To be eligible for most types of financial aid, a student must: (1) be accepted into a degree program; (2) demonstrate financial need (as defined by McCormick, federal, or other financial aid program criteria); (3) be enrolled in six or more course for the academic year; and (4) maintain good standing and make satisfactory progress in fulfilling degree requirements. Further information concerning the Financial Aid Program at McCormick is available from the Student Financial Planning Office.