Financial Planning

McCormick’s Student Financial Planning Office exists to assist all students in the financial planning of their seminary education. Students of all denominations are served by the office. The first step in financial planning for your seminary education is to determine educational and living costs for you and your family. The following budgets serve as estimates of expenses for nine months for full-time masters level students entering in the fall of the 2010-2011 academic year.

Educational Expenses

Tuition and fees $11,535
Books and supplies $ 1,350
Total Educational: $12,885

Living Costs

Students report varying cost of living expenses. The following are average nine-month costs reported by students receiving financial aid. For assistance in developing your own personalized budget and financial plan, contact the Student Financial Planning Office at 773/947-6318.

Housing in McCormick apartment*$4,185$8,100
Food and household expenses$3,150$4950
Health insurance**$4,000$8,000
Total living expenses$13,225$23,795

* For other rent costs, contact the Residence Life Coordinator at 773/947-2950.
** Cost of University of Chicago Student Health Insurance, which is available to enrolled students and their families.

Total Estimated Nine-Month Cost Of Attendance

Single     $26,743
Married   $37,313

Download the Need-Based Tuition Grant Application here.