First Presbyterian Church of DuPage, IL



Contact Info
Pastor/Supervisor: Rev. Mark Hughey
180 N. Weber Road
Bolingbrook IL 60440
(630) 759-8843
Community Description:

It is our desire to “know Christ and make Him known.”  We are the second oldest Presbyterian Church in the Chicago metropolitan area, yet the newest church in town, having just moved into our new church facility, and hiring our youthful, mission oriented pastor.  We have 140 members and attendance is 120 to 140.  We are growing rapidly, have seen a 70% growth rate in the past 12 months, and are gearing up for strong, purpose-driven, Christ honoring program development. Small groups are our priority.

General geographic, population, racial make-up:
Bolingbrook was recently listed as one of the top 25 communities in the Chicago area.  We are racially diverse, and marriage between people of different races is common.  And both of these are true in our church as well, which makes us a very unique PCUSA congregation.  Every kind of shopping and restaurant has located in our village, many right across the street from our church.

Position Description:

Worship leadership, preaching, youth programs, Bible study, visitation, group facilitation, and music/drama will all be available to the right person based on their gifts and desires for ministry experience.


Pastor Mark Hughey

  •  - an ordained Presbyterian Church-USA pastor
  •  - served as a student pastor and an Interim pastor
  •  - 1996 Pastor Hughey graduated from the Presbyterian Seminary at the University of Dubuque, Iowa
  •  - has been pastor, youth pastor and Christian Education director
  •  - listed in Marquis' Who's Who in Religion in America (1992)
  •  - married for 24 years and have been blessed with two children

PastorHughey says: My passion is to lead people in evangelism and discipleship.  I desire to help start a fire for God in the hearts of people, and help them to fan that fire into a full flame of blessing. 

My goals are to help each of you become a more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, to help you spread that message to your neighbors and in that way to see our church reach out to our community.  I believe all of this must begin and be carried by seasons of serious prayer.  I enjoy working with committees and project/event planning, marketing, advertising, new member recruitment and growing the church through sharing responsibilities.  I believe my strongest abilities are in working with and relating to people.