First Presbyterian Church, Highland, IN



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8737 Delaware Avenue
Highland IN 46322
Tel: (219) 838-6850
Fax: (219) 838-0827
Community Description:


FPCH is located at the crossroads of US 41 (Lake Shore Drive in Chicago) and I-80 in the NW corner of Indiana. It looks and feels like other small towns in the Chicago area that morphed into suburbs to meet the housing demands of returning WWII veterans and their families. Founded in 1937, the church added a Christian Education wing in 1952 and a new sanctuary in 1958. Served primarily by McCormick graduates through the years, the church has always had a strong emphasis on benevolence and mission, music and worship and been a leader in social justice issues since the mid 70s. In recent years, following a long term pastorate, the church has struggled in establishing a sense of identity and direction. In 2004, we have been doing the hard work of visioning and recognize that o/sites/default/files of 425 widely gifted members committed to the future make all things possible.

Highland was originally settled by Dutch farmers. The current population is primarily of Eastern European ancestry and the community has become more Roman Catholic than Protestant. Located just south of I-80 and three miles east of the Illinois-Indiana border, the only open land is found in parks and old railroad right of ways that are now biking and hiking trails. FPCH is a typical Presbyterian congregation of bright, articulate, well educated people high in verbal-linguistic skills and suburban rather than urban in outlook.

Position Description:

I would expect a student to be a part of the ministry team of FPCH, and would provide a wide variety in experiences, encourage active reflection, challenge her/him to try new things and to continually grow up into Christ.

A student at FPCH would have the opportunity to lead and participate in all areas of the church life, including worship, preaching, teaching, pastoral care, visiting, and staffing of ministries. It is the goal of the Session and the supervising pastor to provide a wide variety of experiences and challenges commensurate with the student's abilities and interests.


The Reverend Dr. Laura B. Reason

• B.A. Psychology, Beloit College, Beloit, WI, 1971
• M. Div., McCormick Theological Seminary, 1992
• D. Min. in Religious Education, McCormick, 2004


Stony Island South to the Skyway East to Exit 10, Cline Avenue (IN 912) South to Ridge Avenue West to Delaware. Turn north—church covers the east side of the street from Delaware to Highway.