A donor may desire to make an in-kind gift to the Seminary. For purposes of tax deductibility, the donor has responsibility to determine the value of the gift; the Seminary does not assign monetary values to gifts in acknowledging such gifts.

Tangible Personal Property: Gifts of tangible personal property (works of art, antiques, etc.) may be accepted by the Seminary. Such a gift is ordinarily received only when the gift directly served the educational purposes of the Seminary. The Board of Trustees has the right to receive or deny any such gift of personal property. 

For assistance and information regarding planned gifts or guidance in completing your planned gift, please contact
Lisa Radetski, VP of Seminary Relations and Development,
at 773-947-6320.

Library Books: The JKM Library does not ordinarily accept gifts of personal ministerial libraries; however, in consultation with the Director of the JMK Library, such gifts may be received as in-kind gifts to the Seminary. Contact them today at 773-256-0737.