Letter grades are assigned at McCormick as follows: A, outstanding; B, good; C, satisfactory. Each grade may be given with a plus or minus added. Grade point averages are calculated on a three-point scale as follows:

A+ 3.25 B- 1.75
A 3.00 C+ 1.25
A- 2.75 C 1.00
B+ 2.25 C- 0.75
B 2.00 F 0.00


In the M.Div., M.T.S., M.A.M., and Certificate programs, a minimum grade point average of 1.00 is required for graduation. Courses with a grade below a C or 1.00 will not be accepted for transfer.

A grade of F is given when the quality of the work in a course clearly falls below the passing standard and may not be brought up to a satisfactory level by remedial work. An F remains permanently on the transcript and is calculated in the grade-point average as 0.00. If the student takes the same course again, or another course to substitute for it, the original F is not removed but the new grade is recorded in the usual way.

Regular attendance in classes is expected. Professors may consider attendance when calculating grades for courses. In case of an emergency, a student may call the Masters Programs Office and request that information be reported to instructors.

Masters programs students may register either for a letter grade or for a pass/fail evaluation. The request for pass/fail must be made within the first two weeks of the semester. In the latter case, the instructor may provide a written comment on the student’s work in place of a grade. One-third of the student’s courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis and may not be changed to a letter grade. Courses taken in the ACTS seminaries and in the University of Chicago must be graded according to the procedures in effect in the institutions in question.