All degrees are voted by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the faculty. The faculty explicitly reserves the right to determine whom it will recommend for any degree, taking into account not only the candidate’s fulfillment of minimum course requirements but also the quality, coherence, and integrity of the student’s program as a whole as indicated by the reports of the assessments. A minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C) on a three-point scale is required for graduation in the  Certificate, M.T.S., and M.A.M. programs and M.Div. programs. A student with a grade point average below 2.00 (C) is not making satisfactory progress in the Certificate, M.T.S. and M.A.M. programs and M.Div. programs and may be placed on academic probation. Candidates for the degree of Master of Divinity are reminded of the statement on “Readiness for Ministry” found in the academic catalog. Candidates for any McCormick masters degree must be registered for the full final year preceding graduation, unless special arrangements have been made with the concurrence of the Associate Dean for Student Academics.

Students registering for their final semester of work before qualifying for a degree will at the same time fill out an application for graduation and pay the established graduation fee. In order to be eligible to graduate, degree candidates must submit all course work to instructors no later than Friday two weeks prior to the last day of the spring term. All students must meet all financial obligations to the Seminary by April 15, including payment of rent in housing owned by other ACTS seminaries, settlement of all debts and obligations to JKM Library, other ACTS libraries, and the Regenstein Library. Diplomas will be withheld until all the graduate’s accounts are reconciled, financial obligations have been satisfied, and various forms and requests for information by the seminary, including an Association of Theological Schools questionnaire, completed.