How To Manage Content

When you log into you will be presented with a list of every page on the site. You can search by page title or author. If you click on the title it will take you to that page. You will see edit links next to pages that you have access to edit...


Create a New Page

  1. Click the Create Content link in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Page to create a new page. (Currently, Page is the only option, but there will be other types of content here soon.)

  3. Fill out the form fields. All fields are optional unless otherwise noted.

    Title (required)
    The name of your page

    A one or two sentence summary of this page. This will be used in search results and other lists. If you don't create a summary, we will automatically show the first 20 words of the page in search results.

    This field can be used for the first paragraph or two of your content or a header image. The intro is displayed differently than the body on the site. So, you can use this field to add some visual interest to your page. (See the layout screen shots below.)

    The main body of your page goes in this field. If you put anything in the intro, you should not repeat it in the body because it will show up twice. (See the layout screen shots below.)

  4. Click Preview to see a preview of your page or Save to save the page.
Page Layout with Intro
Page Layout without Intro