Hyde Park Local Resources

Part of a fulfilling seminary experience is the enjoyment of good health and a sense of well-being. Knowing how to access the considerable resources of Hyde Park can help. Although not definitive, the following list contains useful information on local hospitals, pharmacies, and businesses for everyday living, as well as on travel options and community involvement.


McCormick students are fortunate to be conveniently near world-class medical facilities at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Medical care of all types is available, and the three hospital units are grouped together in one location:

The University of Chicago Hospital,  5758 S. Maryland,  773.702.1000

Bernard Mitchell Hospital, 5815 S. Maryland,

Children's Hospital, 5839 S. Maryland.



There are also many dentists in the Hyde Park/Kenwood neighborhood. Go to http://Chicago-citysearch.com and click on "Hyde Park" then "dentists" to find one that is right for you.



CVS Pharmacy, 1228 E 53rd Street, 773.752.1425 (cvs.com)

Katsaros Pharmacy, 1521 E. 53rd Street, 773.288.8700

Walgreens Pharmacy, 1554 E. 55th Street, 773.667.1177, walgreens.com (open 24 hours). Another Walgreens located at 2924 E. 92nd Street offers a Convenient Care center.


Optical care:

Pearl Vision, 1200 E. 53rd Street, 773.493.8372

Concept Eye Care,1621 E. 55th Street, 773.363.0202 (www.concepteyecare.biz)

Professional Eye Center, 1517 E. 53rd Street, 773.363.9447 (professionaleyecenter.com)


Gyms and fitness centers:

University of Chicago Ratner Fitness Center and Henry Crown Field House are available for McCormick student use at discounted rates.  For more information about memberships, see http://athletics.uchicago.edu/facilities/facilities-fees.htm.  McCormick students are eligible for "non-registered student" fees and can obtain memberships by visiting the Ratner Fitness Center front desk at 5530 S. Ellis Ave., and can call the desk for information at 773.702.3871

Bally Total Fitness, 1301 E. 47th Street, 773.924.9889 (ballyfitness.com)

Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, 1525 E. 55th Street #302, 773.358.2998 (chaturangafitness.com)


Public transportation:

Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA) runs bus and rail ("L") service in and out of Hyde Park.  Bus routes 2, 6, 10, x28, 28, and 55 service the Hyde Park area.  The Red Line ("L" train) also reaches Hyde Park with a connection to the 55 bus.  Typical bus and train fare is $2.25 per ride and CTA transit cards are also available from select retailers.  For information on these routes and schedules, please visit transitchicago.com or call 1.888.YOUR.CTA.

The Metra also provides transportation service to Hyde Park.  The Metra is a high-speed rail train that services to downtown Chicago as well as Chicagoland suburbs. The Metra Electic District train services Hyde Park and has multiple stops in the area, the closest to McCormick being on 55th/56th/57th Street near Lake Park Avenue.  Ticket prices vary based on route and destination.  For schedules and more information, visit metrarail.com.

PACE also offers transit services between the city of Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago.  PACE offers bus services, call-n-ride services, bus-n-fly transit, and park-n-ride services.  For more information, visit pacebus.com or call 1.800.606.1282.

For directions that indicate your public transit options, you can use goroo.com or maps.google.com/transit.

For cab service throughout the city, call call 1.800.TAXICAB (1.800.829.4222).



Parking in Chicago is always a challenge.  If you park on a street, make sure that you look for signs indicating for-pay parking ("Pay for parking here..." and pay boxes), permit-only parking (many neighborhoods require a permit for parking), or other parking restrictions (tow zones, street cleaning fliers).  Try chicagoparkingmap.com to find parking options nearest your destination.


Post Offices: 1526 E. 55th Street, or 956 W. 58th Street.


Laundromats and dry cleaners:

Kimbark Coin Laundry, 1218 E. 53rd Street, 773.493.3320 (kimbarklaundry.com)

Harper & 53rd Launder Koin, 5230 S. Harper Ave., 773.643.3300


Vogue Cleaners, 1442 E. 57th Street, 773.363.3605

Kenwood Cleaners, 1313 E. 57th Street, 773.752.6155 ()

Cornell Dry Cleaners, 1609 E 53rd Street, 773.288.4300


Grocery stores:

Harper Foods, 1455 E. 57th Street, 773.363.6251

Hyde Park Produce, 1226 E. 53rd Street, 773.324.7100 (hydeparkproduce.com)

Treasure Island, 1526 E. 55th Street, 773.358.6400 (tifoods.com)

Open Produce, 1635 E. 55th Street, 773.496.4327 (openproduce.org)

Michael's Fresh Market, 1300 E 47th Street, 773.624.9870 (michaelshydepark.com)


Coffee shops:

Starbucks, 1174 E. 55th Street, 773.256.1930 or 1500 E. 53rd Street, 773.324.1241 (starbucks.com).

Cafe 57, 1520 E. 57th Street, 773.643.1027 (www.cafe57.biz)

Istria Cafe, 5030 S. Cornell Ave., 773.324.9660 (istriacafe.com)

Cafe 53, 1369 E. 53rd Street, 773.321.0948 (cafe-53.com)

The University of Chicago also has a number of student-run coffee shops on its campus.  Information and locations can be found at http://chicagolife.uchicago.edu/real/nourishment.shtml.


Churches: see McCormick's page about local churches in Chicago.


Community organizations and non-profits:

Hyde Park Art Center (hydeparkart.org)

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (hpnclub.org)

Southsiders Organizing for Unity and Liberation (soulinchicago.org)

Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture (hypachicago.org)

The Night Ministry (thenightministry.org)

Chicago Lights, a community outreach organization at Fourth Presbyterian Church (chicagolights.org)


A note of caution:

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge and abilties. Addresses change, business are here and gone, and we strongly recommend calling or going to the establishment's website before you travel. Also, please note that the list of establishments above is for the convenience of the McCormick community, and as such should not be considered endorsement of any particular business.