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Independant Study

An Independent Study may be negotiated with a member of the Seminary faculty. Except in extraordinary circumstances, an Independent Study may not be substituted for a course that is included in the curriculum. Ordinarily, an Independent Study will not be available during a student’s first and last semesters and will otherwise be limited to one per semester. Students in the M.Div. program may take up to three Independent Studies; students in the M.T.S. and M.A.M. programs may take up to two Independent Studies. The student must register for an Independent Study at the prescribed period of registration and secure an Independent Study contract from the Registrar. The contract must be filled out fully by the student and faculty member(s), signed by both, and sent to the Master’s Level Associate Dean for Advising and Formation for approval before the end of the second week of the semester in which the course is taken. Independent Studies may be taken for letter grade or for pass/fail, and are subject to the same rules and regulations as regularly offered courses.

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