Our student body is not only ethnically diverse, it is also boasts a variety of faith backgrounds.

Instructions for the On-Line Application

To begin the process to apply on-line for admission to McCormick Theological Seminary, you will need to go through the following steps to set up an account: 

1.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page. This will 
     take you to the form which will start your on-line
     application process. You will complete the form, click
     on the "submit application" button, and in the next
     screen, the "finish" button. 

2.  Once you have clicced on the "finish" button, you will
     receive three (3) e-mails. It may take several minutes
     for you to receive them. 

     a. After 10 minutes, if you don't see the e-mails,
         please check your spam folder or junk e-mail folder
         to make sure they are not in either of those folders. 
         Make sure you check the e-mail account you used
         when filling out the form. 

      b. If you still have not received the e-mails, please
          contact McCormick help desk at
          mtssupport@mccormick.edu or call 773-753-7235.

      c. The three (3) e-mails include information you will
          need to complete your application on our secure

               • http://bit.ly/19Q152t is the link you will
                 follow to complete the application
               • Your user name
               • Your password 

3. Once you start your application, you may wish to
    complete it later. To retrieve a saved application,
    point your browser to
    You will use the same user name and password. 

If, at any point during this process, you have questions or experience any issues, please contact the McCormick help Desk at mtssupport@mccormick.edu or 773-753-1835 and they will assist you. 

Click here to start the application process. 


Senior Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Rev. Veronica Johnson



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