Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are defined as any course that covers the content of a full course in three weeks time or less or is irregularly scheduled, e.g. Hebrew Exegesis I and Greek Exegesis I as fall pre-term, the travel seminar, and summer school. Occasionally, specific subject matter may best be taught in an intensive or irregularly scheduled format. Some courses that are taught by adjunct faculty in a language other than English may be offered in this format. Students shall ordinarily be permitted six intensives in the M.Div. program and four intensives in the M.T.S. and M.A.M. programs program, and no student will be permitted to register for an intensive if its timing conflicts with another course for which he or she is registered. An exception to the number ordinarily permitted may be granted by request to the Associate Dean for Student Academics when it is determined otherwise impossible for a student to meet degree requirements through course offerings in the traditional schedule, due to the specialized nature of a particular course.