International Learning

In order to be effective agents of transformation in the world, Christian leaders need exposure to the world. This is the premise behind international learning at McCormick.

Travel seminars and semesters abroad are often cited as pivotal experiences in the life of a student. For some, the beauty and brokenness of God's world come alive as never before and affirm their call to ministry. For others, the once-firm footing of vocation begins to shift as the Spirit calls them to stand in a new, unimagined place. One thing is certain: International travel and study enrich and change all who are given the opportunity.

Consider how God has shaped you through your experiences abroad and make a contribution to the Annual Fund for International Learning.

Annual Fund for International Learning
Cost: $5,000/student
Goal:  $50,000/10 students

If you would like to make a gift to support the Field Studies program, please e-mail Stephanie Moore, or call her at
773-947-6282. Or give online today!