Job Board

Date Title Type Location
10-30-17 Solo Pastor - Washington, D.C. Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Washington, D.C.
10-30-17 Director of Children’s Ministry - Park Ridge, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Park Ridge, IL
10-30-17 Minister and Head of Staff - near Birmingham, AL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Vestavia Hills, AL
10-30-17 Administrative Assistant - Chicago, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
10-30-17 Full-Time Solo Pastor - Fayetteville, NC Full Time Ministry (ordained) Fayetteville, NC
10-30-17 Interim Pastor of Children and Youth - Geneva, IL Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Geneva, IL
10-30-17 Senior Pastor Position - Winston Salem, NC Full Time Ministry (ordained) Winston Salem, NC
10-30-17 Solo Pastor - Old Forge, NY Full Time Ministry (ordained) Old Forge, NY
10-30-17 Tutoring Program Assistant - Chicago, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
10-30-17 Digital Instruction Librarian Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
10-26-17 Associate Pastor - Venice, FL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Venice, FL
10-26-17 Pastor, Head of Staff - Ft. Wayne, IN Full Time Ministry (ordained) Ft. Wayne, IN
10-26-17 The Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency Full Time Ministry (non-ordained) Greensboro, NC
10-26-17 Solo Pastor - Orange Park, FL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Orange Park, FL
10-26-17 Senior Minister - Park Ridge, IL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Park Ridge, IL
10-26-17 Solo Pastor - Corning, IA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Corning, IA
10-5-17 Accompanist/Organist - Buffalo Grove, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Buffalo Grove, IL
09-15-17 Director of Religious Education - Chicago, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Chicago, IL
09-15-17 Co-Pastor - Wauwatosa, WI Full Time Ministry (ordained) Wauwatosa, WI
09-15-17 Solo Pastor - Summerville, GA Full Time Ministry (ordained) Summerville, GA
09-15-17 Associate Pastor for Missional Renewal - Bloomfield Hills, MI Full Time Ministry (ordained) Bloomfield Hills, MI
09-15-17 Temporary Supply Associate Pastor - Beverly Hills, MI Full Time Ministry (ordained) Beverly Hills, MI
09-15-17 Director of Children and Family Ministries - Wilmette, IL Part Time Ministry (non-ordained) Wilmette, IL
09-15-17 Pastor, Head of Staff - Naperville, IL Full Time Ministry (ordained) Naperville, IL
09-15-17 Part-time, Temporary Pastor - Keota, IA Part Time Ministry (ordained) Keota, IA