Language Resource and Writing Center

The Language Resource and Writing Center (LRWC) occupies a central place in McCormick’s efforts to provide an excellent theological education to a diverse student body. Differences in students’ cultural, linguistic, educational, denominational, and career backgrounds create a wealth of perspectives from which to learn. However, in order that these differences be fully beneficial for all students, strong critical skills and communication skills are essential.

The LRWC functions to make the enhancement of these skills a part of all students’ study and preparation for ministry. The LRWC provides a full range of supports to enhance the skills of all students through sequences of writing and listening/speaking courses, including the Summer Language Institute, a study methods course for theological education, one-on-one tutoring, computer training, and Korean and Spanish language instruction.

After admission and before matriculation, all students (except international students) are required to submit a writing sample for assessment by the LRWC. This assessment will determine if any work in the LRWC is required. The LRWC is available to all students for development of language and critical-thinking skills to enhance their academic programs.

All students whose first language is not English and who have not graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program in which English was the language of instruction are required to attend the Summer Language Institute from July through August before enrolling in fall term courses. Following the Summer Language Institute, the LRWC Director in consultation with the Associate Dean for Advising and Formationwill recommend whatever further study is required in the LRWC. The number of credit bearing courses students will be permitted to register for in the fall and subsequent semesters will be decided at this time.

Please see the International Students section for further information regarding English language policies.

Contact Robert Worley for more information on the LRWC at or 773.256.0707.