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Leave of Absence and Withdrawals

Leave of Absence

Students who find it necessary to take time away from studies are required to submit to the Associate Dean for Advising and Formation a written request for a leave of absence, stating the reason(s) and expected duration of the leave. Students should see the Students Accounts office to make plans for addressing any outstanding financial obligations. Leaves will be granted for no more than one year at a time and are renewable upon written request for a maximum of three years leave of absence. Incompletes granted prior to the leave of absence must still be completed by the date designated on the petition for the Incomplete. A leave of absence suspends the time limitations for the completion of the degree until the end of the leave period.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students who do not register for courses for two consecutive semesters and have not been granted a leave of absence by the Associate Dean for Advising and Formation will be referred to the Student Standing Committee to be administratively withdrawn. At that time, any Incomplete (I) appearing on the transcript will be changed to a Permanent Incomplete (PI) and “administrative withdrawal” and the date will be recorded. A student who has been administratively withdrawn is responsible to meet remaining financial obligations to the Seminary, if any.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw voluntarily should write to the Associate Dean for Advising and Formation, stating the reason(s). Students should see the Students Accounts office to make plans for addressing any outstanding financial obligations. 


Students who have withdrawn voluntarily or those who have been administratively withdrawn may subsequently choose to apply for admission to the degree program. If admitted, the student will be considered to be at the beginning of the program, and the requirements for the degree will be those of the Catalog current at the time the student matriculates. At the discretion of the Associate Dean for Advising and Formation Programs, previous work completed at McCormick may be given transfer credit. All the stated limitations of transfer credit will apply.

Residency Requirements

Masters programs students who have received credit for courses completed at other institutions must complete at least one half of the courses required for the degree at McCormick under the McCormick advisory system. 

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