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Fiscal year ends June 30, 2020

McCormick’s fiscal year ends June 30th! There is still time to make your gift, if you haven’t already. If you have we thank you in advance! If you are able and moved to do so, we encourage you to make an additional gift.

This has been an extraordinary year that has required enormous effort and flexibility from our faculty, staff and students. The pandemic has created financial hardship for many people and if you cannot give at this time, we ask for your prayers. You may also participate in our Pray Now, Write Now, and Advocacy Now campaigns that are part of our Solidarity Building Initiative.

In response to the needs at McCormick, we have re-allocated funds to provide additional emergency financial assistance for our students on campus, provided additional support for our students who are incarcerated, launched a pop-up pick-up food pantry, continued to pay our student workers whether or not they were able to work, and purchased equipment and offered extra support and equipment to students as our IT team and faculty migrated our entire curriculum online in just two weeks.

Your McCormick community also continues to the provide rigorous academic engagement, transformational spiritual formation and nurture, and prophetic voice and witness for social justice for which we are known. Every gift helps McCormick continue to do all these things and more.

We have nearly reached our goal of $564,000! Make your gift today and with your help, we will get there. Give now at! If you can, make it monthly!


With all of our hearts, we thank you for your support of McCormick Theological Seminary!