March 31 Update on the Search Process

The Presidential Search Committee is very excited to report that we will bring three outstanding presidential finalists to McCormick for the community to meet during the week of April 25.   You will receive a schedule for the candidate visits as soon as it is finalized.


The Committee reviewed a very strong pool of applicants and used a four-stage process to reduce it to three finalists between February 11 and March 23.  We screened the initial applicant pool and selected a smaller group for whom we conducted reference checks.  We then invited seven applicants to in-person interviews with the entire Committee in Chicago on March 17 and 18.  Each of these seven semifinalists possessed strong leadership skills and commitments and values that we believed could serve McCormick well.  The semifinalist group was diverse in many ways – professional background, race and ethnicity, gender, age, and geographical location.


The Committee decided to take the extra step of conducting follow-up phone interviews with four of the seven semifinalists last week.  After careful and prayerful consideration, the Committee decided to bring three finalists to McCormick for the community to meet.  We are very excited about the talents and experiences these three very different candidates would bring to McCormick as our next President.


So, once again, we ask you to participate in the search process. The Committee recognizes that the week of April 25 is the final week of the semester- an extremely busy time for everyone. We want, however, to involve all who wish to participate in this important process.  You will receive a schedule for the candidate visits as soon as it is finalized so you can post the times you want to be involved on your calendar.  Committee members Deborah Kapp, David Daniels, and Michele Edwards have been very helpful in making sure we accommodate faculty and student schedules.


You also will receive feedback forms prior to the interviews to be returned to specific Committee members either electronically or via hard copy.  Because your input is critical, we strongly encourage you to let us know your thoughts. 


Finally, we will not announce the names of the finalists until immediately before they arrive in order to maintain the confidentiality we pledged to them.  Please keep in mind that for most presidential candidates, knowledge of their candidacy can impact their present positions.  You will receive each candidate’s name and a brief bio shortly before the candidate arrives at McCormick.


We are excited to reach this stage of the search!  McCormick is blessed to have both strong candidates and an engaged, supportive community of students, alumni, faculty and staff.  We look forward to your participation in this final stage of discerning the person who is called to be McCormick’s next president.