Masters Level Course Listings

The course descriptions listed in this section include courses scheduled for the current and future academic year. 

Supplementing the courses offered by McCormick are the many courses in each field available at the other ACTS schools. There is no extra charge for cross-registration among the ACTS schools, apart from the tuition normally paid to the student’s own school (except for Bexley Hall/Seabury courses). The ACTS Catalog (available online via the McCormick Web site) provides a complete list of all courses offered by the member seminaries. Biregistration on a limited basis is also possible at the University of Chicago Divinity School through a separate process available through the Associate Dean for Student Academics.

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Courses by Field of Study:



The following letters are used in the course numbers to indicate the field of study:

  • I Integrative
  • B Bible
  • H History
  • T Theology
  • E Ethics
  • M Ministry


Within the field of Ministry:

  • MED Religious Education
  • MIN Integrative
  • MPC Pastoral Care
  • MPL Polity and Program
  • MPM Public Ministry
  • MSP Spirituality
  • MSX Sexuality
  • MUM Urban Ministry
  • MWP Worship and Preaching


Along with several of the ACTS schools, McCormick employs a numbering system to indicate the level of study:

  • 300-399 Introductory
  • 400-499 Intermediate
  • 500-599 Advanced
  • 600-699 Doctoral


Courses with the suffix “H” are taught in Spanish and courses with the suffix “K” are taught in Korean. 

McCormick Theological Seminary is on a semester system, with January and summer terms between the semesters. Courses are counted as whole units rather than by semester hours. (One unit is equal to three semester hours and represents some 36 hours of classroom work). Courses generally meet once or twice per week. A normal course load for a full-time masters program student is four courses per semester and nine courses per year.