McCormick Days 2016 Schedule

Thursday October 20, 2016

8:30 a.m.          Registration and Breakfast

9:30 a.m.          Opening Worship - Rev. Felisa Roman

                      State of McCormick Address - Rev. Dr. Frank Yamada

11:30 a.m.         Alumni/ae Luncheon - Rev. Dr. Leon Finney Jr.

                       Alumni/ae Association Meeting

1:00 p.m.           Opening Plenary : "Unless the Cry is Heard, the City cannot Flourish." - Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak

The city, the country, a people, flourish where there is justice, dignity and peace. Where injustice reigns, John Calvin says, a cry rises up. What we see in the streets of our cities today, from Oakland to Ferguson to Chicago, and from Soweto to Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, and in fact across the globe, is exactly that cry. It is a cry of outrage against injustice and oppression, but it is also a cry of hopeful defiance. God hears that cry, but does the church? Unless that cry is heard and justice is done, we will not flourish. 

2:00 p.m.           BREAK

2:15 p.m.          "Protestant Urban Engagement" - Panel Discussion

Since the earliest days of Chicago, Protestants have been in ministry in the city. Our gospel witness takes multiple forms through churches, agencies, and secular institutions whose histories are deeply rooted in church witness and support. What is the current configuration of Protestant witness in the city? How is God calling us to seek the city’s peace and flourishing? What challenges and opportunities do we see, as we move further into the 21st century?

Dr. Deborah Kapp, Moderator   Rev. Robert Biekman
Georgianna Gleason                Rev. Pedro Windsor

3:30 p.m.          "Rioting as Flourishing: Reconsidering Virtue Ethics in times of Political Unrest"

Acknowledging a culturally particular understanding of flourishing opens space for anger and its manifestations to be perceived as part of the experience of flourishing, rather  than in tension with it.

Sarah MacDonald                    Nicole Symmonds

4:30 p.m           Sending

6:00 p.m.          All Alumni/ae Reception - McCormick Theological Seminary


Friday October 21, 2016

8:00 a.m.           Breakfast

8:30 a.m.           Morning Meditation - Je Myoung Lee

9:00 a.m.           Workshops

                       "Set the Prisoners Free: Mobilizing the Church to End Mass Incarceration"

The United States calls itself the land of liberty yet we have more people incarcerated than any other nation. Christ came to set captives free yet many Christians do not see ending mass incarceration as a discipleship priority. This workshop will explore how churches can bring change to the prison system by standing in solidarity with our incarcerated brothers and sisters and advocating for policies that set people free! 

Dr. Shawn Casselberry              Miea Walker

                         "Reigniting the Village: Understanding the Role of Community in Educating Urban Youth"

In the face of shrinking budgets and growing poverty, urban schools have become increasingly responsible for not only educating children, but providing  social, emotional, moral and health supports and resources. Lacking the capacity to meet all these needs, schools rely on community partners to provide an array of wrap-around services to "fill the gaps." This session will explore the challenges of educating urban youth and will discuss the role we each play in supporting our schools.

Dr. Marlon Cummings

                           "Disrupting the Status Quo: Pursuing Justice and the Opportunity for All God’s Children to Flourish"

Participants will share wisdom and reflect on the injustices that challenge child and family well-being, explore the role of the church as described in the biblical text, identify tools and partnerships that support the pursuit of  justice and creation of opportunities for all God’s children to flourish.

Rev. Dr. Shirley Fleming

                                  "The Imagination To Flourish: The Role of Creativity in the Life of Vibrant Communities"

An experiment at the intersection of faith and art; an adventure in sharing studio space, tools and resources, and in cultivating both the courage and the imagination to try new and creative things.

Creation Lab

10:15 a.m.           Break

10:30 a.m            "Locked in a Box: Immigrant Detention" Screening and Discussion

A short documentary that follows the stories of individuals held in the U.S. Immigration detention system and those who visit them. Since the 1990’s there has been a massive expansion of the immigration detention system up to 34,000 immigrants in detention on any given day in approximately 200 different facilities, many of which are for-profit prisons. “Locked in a Box” helps strip away the political rhetoric to see the human cost of detention.

David Barnhart                            Stephanie Quintana, Responder

12:15 p.m.          Lunch

1:30 p.m.            Korean American Resource and Cultural Center - Korean Drummers

2:00 p.m.            Closing Worship - Rev. Dr. Joanne Lindstrom

3:00 p.m             Thank you and Charge