Mission & Vision

The Common Ground Project is committed to fostering, building and
strengthening the next generation of church leaders of color for
congregations and communities.



The Common Ground Project is an ecumenical, Lilly-funded organization that seeks to:

Make connections between generations and theological traditions both in and amongst Asian American, African American, Native American and Latin@ church leaders and faith communities.

Brings church leaders from these communities to explore and address shared challenges, opportunities, and gifts.

Provides resources for church leaders to connect across lines of generation, race, and theological tradition in ways that allow for a re-imagined Church to emerge and mutually beneficial goals to be pursued.

Strengthens McCormick’s capacity to serve congregations of people of color and other ministries through ongoing curricular developments that will ensure that the Seminary’s learning program effectively prepares leaders to serve rapidly changing and diversifying church contexts.




The Common Ground Project is proud to be part of a network of organizations and institutions that seek to support and nurture church leaders. Here are a few of the organizations that we rejoice in calling partners in ministry:

The Fund for Theological Education


Academy of Preachers

Sewanee Summer Discernment Institute

Hispanic Theological Initiative

The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity

The Latino Leadership Circle

Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education

Racial Ethnic Young Women Together