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Our student body is not only ethnically diverse, it is also boasts a variety of faith backgrounds.

Our student body is not only ethnically diverse, it is also boasts a variety of faith backgrounds.

New degrees prepare students for discipleship development, urban ministry

McCormick Theological Seminary has received approval from the Association of Theological Schools to offer two new degrees beginning in the fall of 2010: the Master of Arts in Urban Ministry and the Master of Arts in Discipleship Development.

The M.A. in Discipleship Development is a two-year course of study designed for the student who is called to nurture and form members of a congregation in practices of Christian discipleship and who may or may not be ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament.

“The new M.A. in Discipleship Development gives students an opportunity to specialize and deepen their skills in a particular area of congregational ministry such as worship leadership, educational ministry, hospitality or spiritual formation,” says Dr. Luis Rivera, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “It is an important addition to McCormick's educational programs and further demonstrates our commitment to local church ministry.”

The M.A. in Urban Ministry is a two-year degree offering students a way to focus on the practices, skills, and strategies that are essential to urban ministry.

“Since the 1950s, urban ministry has been a very visible component of our curriculum,” says Dr. Deborah Kapp, Campbell Chair in Urban Ministry at McCormick and lead developer of the degree. “The course of studies is designed to teach students to reflect theologically on ways of being church in the city by drawing from the social sciences, the rich history of urban political activism in Chicago, and the vital presence of urban congregations from storefront to mega-church."

For more information on the M.A. in Discipleship Development, the M.A. in Urban Ministry, and the application process, call 773.947.6314 or email