Northminster Presbyterian Church Evanston, IL



Contact Info
2515 Central Park Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Tel: (847) 869-9210
Fax: (847) 869-9220
Community Description:

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), serving regionally through the Synod of Lincoln Trails, and locally through the Presbytery of Chicago.  We are an inclusive community of faith, welcoming all persons into our Christian worship and ministry. 

Our current membership is 649.  We have two full-time clergy on the pastoral staff, as well as a full-time Christian Educator.

Our Vision Statement:

Embracing the presence of God, the compassion of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we, the vibrant congregation of Northminster Presbyterian Church, seek to understand the teaching of Jesus and apply his wisdom to the challenges of life, worship together with joy and humility, serve those in need, forgive one another, and build a just and open community of kindness, humor, creativity, and love-on earth as it is in heaven.

Evanston is located 13 miles north of downtown Chicago; it is a racially and economically diverse community of 74,000+ persons, with a per capita income of $33,645, and a median household income of $56,335.  It is home to three colleges, a university, and two theological seminaries.  Evanston enjoys a lively downtown, and boasts over 80 restaurants within its bounds, making it the self-designated, "dining capital of the north shore".

Position Description:

There are a variety of possibilities available to a seminarian eager to gain experience in various dynamics of church leadership, as well as a rich environment to offer service to this congregation and the community it serves.

There is a strong emphasis here on local, national, and international mission, especially as it relates to encouraging individuals to find entries for personal involvement, not only through the giving of money, but also through the investment of self.  Pastoral care is also a highly valued ministry, and we have an active Board of Deacons, the possibility of a new Stephen Ministry program, a functional relationship with the Samaritan Institute (a local counseling/therapy service), and a commitment not to let any of our members "fall through the cracks" when it comes to pastoral care.

We have a rich tradition of excellence in the area of Christian Education for all ages, and a seminarian who wishes to teach would find a variety of opportunities available.  We have particular need in the area of work with junior high youth, as this is one area of our programming that is still trying to find itself organizationally and motivationally. 

Finally, we are attempting to encourage the formulation of small groups within the congregation for the purpose of the building of relationship and community within the church, as well as to encourage numerical growth in the years ahead.

All of these are possible areas for a seminarian's involvement. 


The Rev. Dr. William M. Youngblood, Senior Pastor at Northminster, has been a parish minister for nearly 35 years.  During that time he has served several parishes, earned a Doctor of Ministry degree (M.Div. from McCormick, 1972), served as Moderator to two presbyteries, was elected Chair of the National Committee on the Self-Development of People, and is presently the Moderator of the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of Chicago.  He has also been the Site Supervisor for student interns from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

His leadership style is collegial rather than managing, as he prefers to allow a staff person's own creativity and call from God provide the energy and motivation for ministry, thus giving the student and the supervisor experiences to analyze and evaluate as vehicles for learning.


Lake Shore Drive north to Sheridan Road; Sheridan north to Central Street in Evanston; west on Central to Central Park Avenue, south on Central Park one block to church.