October 31 Presidential Search Update

Since our last communication with you, the major task of the committee has been to listen to the various groups and individuals who care deeply about the selection of new leadership for McCormick Seminary.  Members of the committee held seven separate focus group discussions and numerous one-on-one conversations.  We also solicited electronic feedback, hearing from people from across the country.  Thank you to those of you who participated in one of these ways of offering your ideas.  The result has been a rich body of information that we are using to define the presidential profile.

Our task now is to incorporate those qualities and characteristics with the highest priorities into materials we can use to promote the position and recruit candidates.  This was the major agenda item for our October 29 meeting.  The Committee’s goal is to complete these materials in the next couple of weeks and be ready to formally post the position on-line and in selected periodicals in November. 

Several of you already have suggested potential candidates to the Committee.  We will begin contacting prospective candidates as soon as the position is posted.  Please watch for a request for nominations along with a very simple nomination form in the near future.  We know from other seminaries that reaching out to potential candidates is perhaps the most critical factor in a successful presidential search.

Again, we are very grateful for the time and thought reflected in the many comments and great participation in discussions with Committee members.  We appreciate your partnership with us as we work together to help shape McCormick’s exciting future.