Ordination News: Luke Roske-Metcalfe (M.Div.'08)


Luke Jones Roske-Metcalfe will be ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in Tucson, AZ on Sunday, October 11, 2009. Preaching, and representing four generations of Jones family ministers, will be the Reverend David Bebb Jones (M.Div.'62). Luke and his wife, Andrea, are now on a four year assignment in Mexico City for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Andrea coordinates all Lutheran volunteers in Mexico and Luke works with mission groups to interpret the issues and needs of Mexicans. Both previously served as Young Adult Volunteers for Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations.

For the celebration of Luke's graduation from McCormick, his proud Uncle David Bebb Jones composed a celebratory poem which we include here, along with some an interesting photo and a bit of McCormick history!





Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio

Daniel Evans Jones, 1891


McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois

Hugh Bebb Jones, 1928

Maurice Ewart Jones, 1939

David Bebb Jones, 1962

Luke Jones Roske-Metcalf, 2008


This ‘saga of seminaries’ in the Jones family began in 1888 as we tell the tales.

Daniel Evans Jones was educated at the College of Aberystwyth University in Wales.

He decided to pursue his ministerial calling, following his grandfather’s call.

He ventured across the Atlantic Ocean, where Lane Seminary stood tall.


The young Welshman not only attended the seminary in Cincinnati.

He took a summer position in Venedocia, Ohio, really not much of a city.

This little village had been founded by the William Bebb family in 1848.

They migrated from Llanbrynmair in central Wales to seek a new life, first rate!


The Salem Presbyterian Church was well established in this Welsh speaking town.

Daniel Evans Jones was a student assistant, and soon became a minister of renown.

But something happened in the summer work that went far beyond the pastor.

Daniel Evans met Margaret Bebb Jones, and from there relationships developed faster!


Daniel graduated from Lane Seminary in June of 1891 and was ordained in October.

On October 8th 1891 Margaret and Daniel were married and ministry took over.

Alliance, Middle Point and Venedocia, Ohio and Cambria, Wisconsin were his churches.

Ten children, seven to adulthood, with two sons continuing ministerial searches.


Hugh Bebb Jones, the second son, graduated from Park College in 1924.

Hugh followed his father’s calling and entered McCormick Seminary to study more.

In 1928 he graduated with high honors and studied at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Then it was the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem in the Holy Land.


In his first church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Hugh met and married a member of the choir!

After worship, Rev. Daniel Evans Jones stepped forward, Dorothy Mitchell stepped down.

The marriage took place after the benediction to the surprise of most in worship.

Rev. Hugh Bebb Jones had a bride for his helper after that churchly courtship.


Great Falls, Montana was the next call and that interrupted by World War Two.

Captain Hugh Bebb Jones, Chaplain, US Air Force, did service in uniform too!

Hugh’s ministry included seventeen years in Rochester, MN, the Mayo town.

He loved the large church and Mayo doctors and medical staff in medical gown!


Retirement was not for Hugh as he moved to Lake Minnetonka and continued his work.

As visitation minister at Presbyterian Church of Minneapolis no person’s need to shirk!

Hugh was a scholar of the Bible and read widely from his books he treasured.

From his Minnetonka cottage his library was full of books for growth and pleasure.


Maurice Ewart Jones, the youngest son of Daniel Evans and Margaret Bebb Jones

Also attended Park College and then was a teacher before ministry came to his bones.

First it was Princeton Seminary, but New Jersey was too far from the woman teacher.

Isabel Drescher taught school in Cambria, WI, and met Maurice before he was a preacher!


From Princeton Seminary he transferred to McCormick to complete his study in year three.

One summer he was the student pastor in Venedocia, completing a family tree.

1939 was the year of celebration as he graduated, was ordained and married.

From Prairie du Sac for two years to Baraboo for thirty three his ministry was carried.


Maurice had an intense interest in the community and gave Baraboo more than wealth.

Boy Scouts, WWII Ration Board, Recreational Board, Kiwanis, Masons, County Mental Health.

He was a pastor of extraordinary dimensions, serving his congregation with zest.

There is no doubt that he had a pastoral passion that was among the very best.


Staying in Baraboo for 29 years after his retirement, he served many churches as pulpit supply.

He was the Moderator of Madison Presbytery and was one upon whom any church would rely.

He fulfilled the Reformed tradition of Bible in one hand and newspaper in the other to know the score.

He cared deeply about politics and current events as well as sports and family news galore.


David Bebb Jones is the grandson of Daniel Evans and the nephew of Maurice and Hugh.

At Macalester College with a degree in Business he wondered if ministry he should do.

A conversation with Uncle Maurice directed him to two years in the Army to decide.

That advice and “Your God is Too Small”, a book by J. B. Phillips, God’s will to abide.


The Army beckoned; marriage to Ann Beran in 1957 and the call was confirmed.

In 1959 it was off to McCormick Seminary and theological education was affirmed.

Ordination in 1962 and three calls as Pastor and Associate in churches small/large/medium

Marquette Heights and Peoria each for four years, then 30 in Western Springs with no tedium!


Following in the Jones tradition was a term as Moderator of Chicago Presbytery.

Service to the denomination and work in peace and justice and racial relations did carry.

Nine years on the Board of Trustees of McCormick Seminary was a meaningful role.

Retirement on the day of dedicating the new McCormick building lifted the soul.


Retirement one day before Uncle Maurice died on 1-2-2001 offered time sublime.

Opposing the war in Iraq and the Israel-Palestinian questions demand commitment and time.

Ecumenical and Inter-religious work, with the Parliament of World Religions expand.

Knox Naperville Church as Parish Associate gives opportunity ‘on demand’!


Luke Jones Roske-Metcalf  is the fifth Jones in the Lane McCormick tradition.

The grandson of Maurice began grappling with ministry with Grandpa’s rendition.

By October 2001 Carroll College senior year prompted the questions of call.

The same book “Your God is Too Small” was given to Luke that fall.


McCormick suggested a year as a Volunteer in Mission and Guatemala beckoned.

Living in a mountainous village with a family caused Luke to wrestle and reckon!

McCormick education began in September 2003, culture shock to be sure.

The studies, with Hebrew, went well, and Andrea Metcalf had some allure!


Andrea had also been to Guatemala, now coordinating Lutheran young adults.

Luke mastered CTA with frequent visits and the two had good luck!

The summer of 2004 ushered in an entire year for No More Deaths in Tuscon.

Working to save immigrant lives was a compelling humanitarian situation.


Back to McCormick and living at Su Casa Worker House and Evergreen Park intern.

Luke’s relationship with Andrea intensified, seminary study compelling, much to learn.

Marriage on August 12, 2006 was followed by a year in Brooklyn and New York City.

Union Seminary for Andrea and Hospital training for Luke, but city was gritty!


Back to McCormick in 2007 while Andrea was in St. John, IN as Lutheran intern.

Luke also did Clinical Pastoral Education at Rush St. Luke Hospital, now to discern.

The discernment came with a desire to be a chaplain or counselor as the way to serve.

Ordination exams mainly passed; Presbytery of de Cristo candidate; what nerve!


Now it is May 10, 2008 with graduation from McCormick Theological Seminary.

The Jones tradition continues at this institution which is quite extraordinary!

Daniel, Hugh, Maurice, David and Luke stand in the seminary line.

From 1888 to 2008; 120 years for study to prepare for ministry which is fine!


A postscript on the marriages of these five seminarians.

Daniel Evans Jones met Margaret Bebb Jones as a summer intern.

Hugh Bebb Jones met Dorothy Mitchell as pastor and choir member.

Maurice Ewart Jones met Isabel Drescher while both were teachers.

David Bebb Jones met Ann Beran Jones at Macalester and it was

   Ann who was preparing for Christian Education.

Luke Jones Roske met Andrea Metcalf while in seminary

and Andrea was working with volunteers

in the young adult program.